Freedom Channeling his Inner Munch

The Scream

Freedom got new glue on shoes today. He always yawns a lot when the farrier comes; I think the stretches feel good. Today, though, he needed a little help to get relaxed. In the process, he did a great rendition of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.  Of course, he could have just been reacting to the […]

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That Lonely Lost Shoe

Lost shoe

I guess Freedom likes his glue on shoes. Today, after months of carefully growing out his badly chipped front feet, he was going to get regular shoes. It was a milestone and financially welcome. Yesterday, he managed to shed one of his expensive glue ons and totally destry the hoof wall. I found the shoe […]

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Freedom’s High Tech Shoes

Freedom has had the shoes on now for about a month and so far, so good. He’s moving very well in them and they’re staying on well. One of them started to fray a bit so my farrier came back and added extra adhesive and that did the trick. The downside? They are wicked expensive. […]

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