The Sky is Falling

The Sky is falling

Having access to an indoor arena this winter has been transformative. I don’t remember the last time I was able to ride on such perfect footing! The only problem with riding inside in the winter is snow. And heavy rain. The first time we were in the indoor when the skies opened the rain hit […]

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(In)famous Spooking Styles

Great article over at Eventing Nation. I have experienced several of these but Freedom definitely specializes in the horizontal teleport. I have, in recent memory, felt like a cartoon character hovering in mid-air over the space where he used to be. What about you? Which spooking style does your horse specialize in?    

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Not tired yet

You would think that after the ride I described yesterday, Freedom would be tired. He was, when we finished. Unfortunately it was only a temporary condition. The first ride took place on Saturday. On Sunday, I planned to have a nice leisurely ride with a friend. It was nearly 60 degrees out and I wanted […]

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