Does Garlic Repel Ticks?

Does garlic repel ticks

One of the (only) downsides of the warmer weather we’ve been enjoying is the number of ticks has increased. Zelda, in particular, is a tick magnet. It’s not unusual for me to pick seven or eight ticks off her during grooming, sometimes more. She reacts quite badly to the tick bites and I can usually […]

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Tick eating Machines

Tick eating machine

I’m starting to feel more kindly toward the turkeys in the field since I’ve discovered they are tick eating machines. Each wild turkey eats up to 200 ticks per day. This evening, when I fed, there were eight adult turkeys in Freedom’s field. That’s 1,600 ticks per day, 11,2000 ticks per week and 48,000 ticks […]

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They’re back!

After one of the worst winters I can remember, it took only a few hours of warmth (it seems) before the ticks were back. Nothing kills those little buggers! Already I’ve pulled ticks off the horses and my dog and am thinking of putting tick tubes around the property to cut down on their numbers. […]

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Just because my horse is brown doesn’t mean he’s a deer

Freedom is a tick magnet. Although there are four other horses at our barn, he seems to be the one with the most ticks on him. Maybe they think he looks like a deer? Lyme disease and other tick-borne problems are a big issue in New England. One mare in our barn just finished a […]

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