Watch out for Turtles


‘Tis the season when turtles are leaving the comfort of their watery homes to set off cross country to find the ideal place to bury their eggs. For several of them, it appears that place is the grass ring where I ride or the field next to it, where I also ride. It amazes me […]

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When rocks move

It’s the time in the spring when the turtles lay their eggs. Many of them choose the field where we ride. Some of them are small, cute painted turtles. When they see a horse coming, their immediate response is to draw in all appendages and stay very still. Some of them are snapping turtles. They […]

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It’s turtle time

One of the treats of keeping my horse at a barn that is next to a pond is that we have lots of turtles. I particularly like the painted turtles with their brightly colored undersides, but there are also plenty of snappers, too. I’ve seen a few really huge ones there — the kind that […]

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