Zelda’s Funny Faces

Zelda's Funny Faces

Most of the time, Zelda is a perfect model of the noble steed. Her coat is gleaming, her expression is bright, her ears are pricked forward. But Zelda also has a goofy side. Usually after a ride, or when I’m giving her a massage or a laser treatment, she makes the silliest faces. You have […]

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A Slip of the Tongue

I’ve always noticed that my horses show some good releases when they are being shod. They may not enjoy the shoeing, but they appreciate the stretches. But none of them have shown quite the reaction that Dandy did. My farrier and I had some good laughs over his faces. He gave some huge¬† yawns and […]

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Bored, Tired, or What? Why do Horses Yawn?

Yawn by ~TruAndGenuine on deviantART One of the boarders at my barn was concerned because her horse yawns a lot. It’s not something I’d ever given much thought to. She confided in a friend that she was worried that it was a sign of colic. My friend then googled the term and told me that […]

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