Have you been Checking out Your Local CANTER Websites?

I know how many of you are addicted to that “eye candy”! Even all of us who need another horse like a hole in the head check those sites with religious fervor.

If everyone who clicked on a CANTER site donated just $5 to their local organization, think how much it would benefit OTTBs all across the country! I read a very nice story just today about a TB owner who sold a horse advertised on a CANTER site for $2500. She asked the buyer to send her just $1 and send the remaining $2499 to the local CANTER chapter. What an awesome owner, first for rehoming her race horse and second for supporting CANTER.

Times are tight for equine rescues: cost for just about everything is up, so every dollar helps. Remember, CANTER is an all-volunteer organization, so every dollar you donate goes directly to help the horses. It’s easy to donate: For CANTER New England, click here.

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