Ribbon Art

Ribbon Art by Katie Wee

Imagine turning your old horse show ribbons into a picture of your horse. That’s what Katie Wee does. When I see ribbon art like this, I really regret that I no longer have my ribbons. It takes a huge amount of skill and a tremendous imagination to see the potential.

Katie, of Rancine, Wisconsin, started making these quilts when she was cleaning her basement and found her box of ribbons. Not only does she make stunning pictures out of ribbons, but they are based on a photo that you send her of your horse!

I felt so sad that they were just boxed up. So went on Pinterest and saw some similar ideas and then came up with this idea. The ones I have done are 24×36 but could do any size. However, the size kinda depends on how many ribbons you have. I use a photo that the person sends me and work off of that.

Katie Wee

Here are a few more examples of the ribbon art she’s done.

Ribbon picture
You can reach Katie Wee on her Facebook page, “Wee Can Create“.
Ribbon art
Ribbon art by Katie Wee

Do you still have a box of horse show ribbons floating around in your house? Now’s the time to have them made into something that you can put on display.

5 thoughts on “Ribbon Art

  1. Sorry to say, no, the only ribbon I ever won in my entire life in any venue was a yellow one, an “Honorable Mention” for a photograph I entered in a photography show. But I am stunned by the talent this woman shows. That’s ART! I just wish she’d make her initials smaller and not use a sharpie…

  2. Very interested if you are available to create one like this in honor of my mother
    Thank you
    Katherine Miracle

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