Go Virtual with Tevis

Go Virtual with Tevis

For the first time in the ride’s history, the Tevis Cup has been canceled — to keep the spirit of the ride alive, organizers have created a virtual event and are inviting fans to go virtual with Tevis. Look at it this way, this is probably the only year when you’ll have the chance to say that you competed — and completed — the Tevis Cup ride. Complete the 100 miles in 100 days challenge and you will receive a Tevis Cup Sticker and Finisher T-Shirt or Bandana.

Unlike the real-life Tevis Cup, you can complete the 100-miles in as many smaller chunks as you choose to finish the goal. Organizers do NOT recommend riding the 100-miles all at once unless you are participating at an actual sanctioned event with veterinary controls. As you log your completed miles, you will receive updates of where you now are on the historic Western States Trail. Even better, this is the only time you can compete in the Tevis Cup without a horse!

So pick your equine partner, or register for our non-riding division, and join us for 100-miles, on YOUR own trails at your own pace.

Description and Dates

Once you’ve entered in the Tevis Cup, your location will show up on the trail map as you send in your results — just like it works for live competitors.

The “Ride” starts today, August 1st, the original planned date of the ride.  Riders and their mounts (or those joining us without a horse) have 100 Days to complete their 100-miles.  All miles must be completed by November 9, 2020 and results submitted by November 11, 2020.  Miles are ON YOUR HONOR.  Organizers are not validating or requiring proof of completion; this event is for fun and to help support the Western States Trail Foundation.  The only person you would be cheating is yourself. The entry fee for either division is $65. You can sign up until November 1.

Riding Division

Riders MUST complete the challenge on ONE horse – just like the real ride – one rider, one horse, one hundred miles.  Riders are allowed to enter more than one equine and complete 100 miles on multiple horses if desired (one horse per entry please).  

Non-Riding Division

Want to participate but don’t have a horse?  This is the division for you!!  We appreciate your support of this event.  Complete your 100 miles any way you choose under your own personal power (no motorized vehicles) – run, walk, bike, swim, crawl, shuffle, do the boogie, however you feel like getting it done!

International Participants

We welcome participants from ALL locations.  Feel free to sign up in either or both divisions!  Please note, due to the cost of shipping internationally, finishers from outside of the US will receive the bandana and sticker rather than a T-shirt.


All who complete the full 100-mile Challenge will receive a Tevis Cup Sticker and Finisher T-Shirt or Bandana.  Please be sure to specify your size when registering. You will also receive virtual milestones along the way in recognition of your ongoing achievement and quest to complete the trail. Please note in the interest of safety, there will be NO awards offered based on speed or for achieving greater than 100 miles within this time frame.  There may be other awards offered from our Sponsors, which will all be based on having participated in the challenge in either division.  Awards will be mailed at the conclusion of the EVENT, rather than when participants finish individually (sorry to make you wait, but its easier on our volunteers).

So, here’s your chance to fulfill a dream and become a Tevis contender. One of the things I’ve always admired about the race is that the emphasis is on finishing, not just winning. Even though you won’t earn a buckle, logging 100 miles is an achievement.

9 thoughts on “Go Virtual with Tevis

  1. What a fantastic idea–I can mark something off my bucket list that looked like an impossibility. Cole Train is going to compete in the Tevis Cup!

  2. All signed up–and I signed my sister up, too. Thank you letting us know about this. I can’t believe I get to ride in the Tevis Cup–right here in Cleveland–and I have 100 days to complete. This has been a crazy year–everything has been turned upside down–but at least this is a good thing for someone who always wanted to ride in it. Thanks, again.

  3. Something is buggy with their website software. I was able to register and enter the 3 miles I walked as a ‘non-rider’. Within a few minutes, got an email congratulating me for FINISHING!!

  4. Me, too. But when I clicked on the link, it still showed just the miles that I did, so I am ignoring it.

  5. I wish I could log this in arena miles, because I could do it for sure. I’m social distancing completely from trails right now. I ride in the arena and 40-acre barn property every-other-day on my retired LD Mustang. I could never do Tevis myself because of the pucker-trails and the suspension bridge — I have vertigo, tho I have hiked to Cougar Rock from Squaw Valley before. How could I log miles on horseback in arena/private property setting? Guess based on pace and time? I CAN DO THAT! I want to participate! Thank you!

    1. I often use a tracking app called Equilab on my iphone when I ride. It logs time and distance. My fitbit also tells me how far I’ve gone. Equilab is free, too.

  6. Yes you can log in arena miles. that’s the idea!! No one is expecting you to go out and actually ride the Tevis…I’m registered as a non-rider and have run, walked and biked almost 42 miles. Like you, I’d never be able to actually do the ride…right now, no horse. If you read the registration thing, it says no one is inspecting your progress, it’s on the honor system. So…make an educated guess on how many miles..if that, you’ve done in the arena and log that in! For instance, I did my regular bike ride and while I don’t know how much it is mileage to the inch, I still can go by my car’s odometer. In your case, if you’re riding a circuit or two of a 40 acre property..I’m not going to say do the math because I don’t DO math. 😉 But still…give it a go. It’s fun.

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