Eric Lamaze “Unbridled”

Eric Lamaze Unbridled

The online show “Unbridled” promises to deliver an uncensored look at the lives and opinions of show jumping’s biggest stars. They sure started with a doozy. Canadian show jumperEric Lamaze’s life story reads more like a novel — a talented equestrian who rose from humble beginnings (he never knew his father; his mother was involved with drugs) battled an addiction to drugs which cost him two Olympic appearances, won three Olympic medals, four Pan American medals and has been fighting brain cancer since 2017.

Lamaze is best known for his partnership with Hickstead, a Dutch warmblood stallion. The two won more than $4Million (CDN) and racked up a number of wins, including Gold and Silver medals at the 2008 Olympics. Tragically, the stallion collapsed and died in 2011 from a ruptured aorta, aged 15, after completing an almost flawless round during an FEI World Cup event. Lamaze describes Hickstead as a difficult horse, who called the shots.

You could ask him nicely but if you asked harder you paid the price.

He got it; he understood what he was here for; he understood the name of the game. There were times that I even felt he wanted it more than I did. He came out into the ring and grew. He made himself this giant horse that just refused to lose. There were times you’d think he couldn’t do it in terms of ability but he’d do it from the heart.

Eric Lamaze’s “Unbridled” interview has been made available to viewers for free — although initially, it was behind a paywall. This is a great story and his honesty is compelling. The interview was conducted with NEE TV Founder, Ali Nilforushan.

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