Power Cleaning my Trailer

Power Cleaning my Trailer

To get ready to ship Zelda to some hunts this fall, power cleaning my trailer was a priority. I park my trailer off the side of my driveway and, at times, it gets “Jumanjied” with vines springing up around it and moss growing on the sides and roof.

Jumanji trailer
My trailer looks like a scene from Jumanji, covered with vines and poison ivy.
My trailer was coated with pollon and dirt

Enter the power washer. This is a new, electric power washer that has a lower flow rate (less wasted water) and is quieter and easier to use than our old one. It works like a charm. In fact, it’s fun to see the bright, shiny aluminum appear under the spray — kind of like reverse painting. In practically no time my trailer was restored to a respectable, shining silver color. Zelda no longer needs to feel embarrassed about coming to an event with me.

How do you keep your trailer looking new?

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  1. While I don’t have a horse trailer, I do have a fiberglass camper. I give it a good bath after a season of camping…although 2020 made it so that we didn’t do as much camping as we’d like, meaning we had three days total. But anyway, I clean mine using a good quality car wash soap (I recommend Meguiars)..NOT dish soap, and then wax it. I found this new product by Turtle Wax, called Ceramic Spray coating. It is a spray, you apply it then wipe it off. Slippery? You better believe it, even bugs can’t keep a foot on it and it sheds dirt and rain like crazy. I also keep it under a cover, a sort of pole barn deal that we built by hand.
    A bit of advice is to cover your tires with something to block the UV rays of the sun. Dry rot and UV damage will destroy a tire faster than you can believe.
    Take your trailer in for maintenance every year. Check the tires…trailer tires are not the same as car tires, believe it or not. They’re not as high quality because they just roll. Have the brakes checked, the bearings packed and never let the tires go flat.

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