Celebrating Totilas

Celebrating Totilas

Totilas, called by some the “rock star of the horse world” died Monday, December 14, after a severe case of colic. He was 20. The legendary dressage stallion, who retired at 15, captivated audiences worldwide with his impressive movement. The Dutch Warmblood stallion was the first to score above 90 in dressage competition with his longtime rider, Edward Gal. The pair held three world records and won three gold medals at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, as well as team and individual gold at the 2009 European Championships.

Totilas was retired at age 15 after being diagnosed with periostitis of the coronet band on the left hind hoof. He lived out his life hacking and performing stud duties.

A message from Edward Gal on the Glock Performance Center Instagram page reads:

Goodbye my friend
Heaven has a new star today.
But my heart is broken.
Rest in peace #Totilas.
You will always be remembered.
Together with you I experienced happiness and even grief.
Time passed by and wounds healed.
But my love for you lasts forever.
You honored me with your trust.
You were my friend.
My condolences to Matthias and all who had the chance to work or live with this exceptional stallion.
And my thoughts to all of you who loved him.
Good bye my friend.
I will miss you until we meet again

Totilas and Edward Gal scored 92.3% with this world-record breaking performance at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ at London Olympia in 2009. The Dutch Dressage star and his black stallion wowed the crowd with a phenomenal world record of 92.3%!

One thought on “Celebrating Totilas

  1. I saw Totilas…at that time he was ” Moorland Totilas”..at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky. I don’t claim to be a dressage expert, although I am learning to ride dressage. I thought that he was..I’m sorry, but given the gold medal because of his popularity, not his dressage. I thought him a bit overbent and his forelegs kicking out like a High School horse…and not so much action in the hind legs. I’d been taught that a trot, for instance, needed to be the same fore and aft…I’m having a senior moment here, I can’t bring up the word of an even spacing between the fore and hind legs. He did not strike me as a happy horse, quite unlike that wonderful grey PRE ridden by Juan Carlos (?) from the Spanish Team (that team, as well as several others, stayed at the same hotel I did in downtown Lexington) who was scored low…and the judges were boo’ed at their scores!!

    I’ve followed Totilas and quite honestly think the horse was exploited because he could achieve that high kick-but as I said, he never looked happy. Merely…obedient. I hope his last days were peaceful and happy ones.

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