Too Good to Eat

Now THIS is a cake for an equestrian, even if it does look too good to eat. This cake was made by Crazy Cakes in the Czech Republic.

On her Facebook page, the cake designer wrote about the stress of delivering a cake like this. I guess she won’t be shipping to Massachusetts any time soon.

Ugh another cake like a horse safely transported to place. Transporting these cakes will probably cost me my nerves someday, because it’s always at least 2 hours of huge stress behind the wheel. Other drivers probably have to knock on their forehead why I’m driving with manure. 😂 On the other hand, I love these extremely laborious cakes. In addition, after this, the whole fridge smelled like chocolate and cocoa because the filling was made of chocolate corpus, chocolate cream cream and it was partially cocoa 💜He has a lot of details including a martingal sweat 🙂

When I was a kid, my mother made a horse cake for my birthday every year. I won’t show this to her.

One thought on “Too Good to Eat

  1. Whoa. Now that is TALENT. Too pretty to eat! I mean, how in the world can you bring yourself to cut it up? It’d be like cutting up a real horse! what do you do, say, “I’d like part of the withers, please?”

    As for personal birthday cakes, my mother, too, made me a horse cake. I was 6 years old. The horses were the plastic variety, with a fence around the perimeter to keep them in their pasture. I still remember that cake…and my gift…a brand new one dollar bill. Wow.
    The cake was better than the dollar, though!

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