Anti-Bug Socks

Anti-bug socks

It may only be mid-May, but the weather has heated up here and the bugs are starting to come out. I’ve tried putting fly wraps on, but they inevitably come off and then I have to criss-cross the paddock trying to find them (and hope they aren’t shredded). Here’s a nifty and inexpensive solution: Human tube socks. I may try this as you can apply fly spray onto the socks. The trick will be finding socks that fit Zelda — and which I can get over her dinner plate feet.

One thought on “Anti-Bug Socks

  1. I’ll be darned. Such a neat thing to do with old socks!! How ironic, that her pasterns fit the heel perfectly.
    Oh, the fun to be had with socks over socks!! Plain ol white socks? Why not the cute ones…can you imagine Queen Z wearing socks with, say, Hello Kitty on them?

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