Take a Ride on the Steeplechase Roller Coaster

Blackpool Steeplechase roller coaster

On Grand National day, it seems appropriate to show some young steeplechase jockeys in training as they hurtle around the Steeplechase Ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. For some of these young riders, I imagine the ride is as scary as the race. My first thought when seeing this ride in motion was, “why aren’t they wearing helmets?” This ride makes the old fashioned playgrounds that I grew up with look positively safe. Perhaps the Steeplechase riders should also wear protective vests.

Some contemporary reports about the Coney Island Steeplechase ride indicate it offered a great excuse for men to hold on tight to their dates.

The Steeplechase is a three tracked racing roller coaster, where riders race along the track on horse-shaped cars. The ride operates on gravity, which means that heavier riders typically win but I’m sure it feels fast no matter how large (or small) you are.R Riders report that because the horse seats you so high above the track, and because you are on the horse, rather than in a seat, every dip and curve is amplified. The track includes may traditional steeplechase-style jumps, including a water jump. Since the three tracks remain parallel throughout the ride, you’re always competing against the other two horses and their riders.

The Steeplechase ride was officially opened in 1977 by Grand National winner Red Rum. His hoof print, taken at the event, is on display near the ride’s exit. Blackpool’s coaster is based on the first Steeplechase coaster, which was part of Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park. That ride opened in 1897 and was finally closed down in 1964, leaving the Blackpool Steeplechase ride the last one still operating in the world.

The Blackpool Steeplechase Roller Coaster is the last of its kind.

Before you sign up to try the ride, you might want to read some of the comments that go with this video:

  • This ride traumatized me as a kid. It looks ok. But when you on it, feels like your going to get thrown off at every corner.
  • This ride gave me nightmares I went on when I was about 6 no belt just hang on and hope you don’t fly off!!! cried for days after this ride!!
  • Me and my sister thought this was a kids ride turned out to be a white knuckle coaster! It Was terrifying
  • Wait what. everyone thinks it’s really traumatizing, but actually real fun. love that ride. friends told it makes a diff if you know how to ride horse
  • I went on them when I was there and it hurts ur back
  • went on this when I was younger with my dad and almost cried the whole time, feels like your gonna fall off every corner.
  • I live in Blackpool so I’ve been a lot, went on this ride once and I will never do it again​.

The original ride in Coney Island looks to be another level of scary. It’s pretty impressive that this ride first opened in 1897 when safety features were not a paramount concern. Although I can remember visiting Coney Island as a child, it was after the rides had closed down, so I never saw this in action.

The original Steeplechase roller coaster in Coney Island opened in 1897. The park burned in 1907, but was rebuilt and continued operating until 1964. The original horses were made of wood and, depending on what you read, either did — or did not — have seat belts.

So, would you take the plunge? Compared to Coney Island’s version, the Blackpool one does look safer. Do you think people would stare if I brought my helmet?

One thought on “Take a Ride on the Steeplechase Roller Coaster

  1. Not on your life. Not even at gunpoint would I go on this ride. Years ago I went to Disneyworld in Florida when it hadn’t been open for very long. I saw this neato thing calle Space Mountain. I thought, oh, gosh, it’s a astronomy exhibition.
    No. It was a roller coaster ride. In the DARK.
    I was terrified. It seemed to go on forever.
    And on more than one occasion, I’ve heard of accidents happening to all sorts of ‘amusement park’ rides, some folks are even killed.

    The only mechanical ride I’d ever go on, even at my age, is the carousel. That, I can handle.

    OF course there are people who look at me and say you ride real horses, what’s the difference? A LOT.

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