Do Protective Vests Really Work?

Charles Owen Protective Vest

After a rider dies from a rotational fall, one of the top questions is whether protective vests really work. When I first started riding after my accident, I pulled out my Charles Owen protective vest. Sometimes you want to have a little extra padding if you have an unscheduled dismount. When I started eventing, back […]

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It’s time to make eventing safer

Frangible Pin Technology

Every time there is a rotational fall where a rider dies, the headlines across the equine media proclaim it’s time to make eventing safer. I think the first time I saw the headline, “Eventing in Crisis” was back in 2008. Unfortunately, over the weekend there was another rotational fall. Another death. This time it cost […]

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Turnout, Turnout, Turnout

Turnout turnout turnout

While the mantra for real estate success may be location, location, location, when it comes to horses I think the most important element of a boarding facility is turnout. Like pasta, horses need space to move around. It’s good for their joints and good for their minds. My horses are extremely lucky (IMO), as they […]

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Pony Express Riders Wanted!


A lone rider gallops across rolling hills of prairie grass and sagebrush. The sound of approaching hoofbeats is heard from afar. Another rider and horse awaits in the shade of a tree. The incoming rider reins in and greetings are exchanged. Dismounting, the incoming courier lifts a leather mochila from the saddle. It is placed […]

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Some wet saddle blankets

After rolling

We’ve had a few nice warm days and it’s been time to start Zelda back into regular work. When it’s in the 50s, you don’t want to  miss the opportunity to be outside in the sun. Not that she agrees. Yesterday, we had a few, well, disagreements about her work ethic. We had been out […]

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Horse Wedding Fails

Horse weddings

Sometimes the romantic notion of a horse wedding comes up against the reality of including an animal with its own opinion into your ceremony. What bride doesn’t want to make a show-stopping entrance on her big day? And, as a horse lover, what better way to do that than to make your appearance on your […]

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Quick thinking saves horses who fell through ice

Horse rescue

Seven Bashkir horses were rescued after they fell through thin ice in a pond in Russia. Quick-thinking farmer Sagitzian Idiyatullin, 29, brought his tractor with a lifting jib which was used to pull all seven horses out of the freezing water. It’s quite well done and could have ended in tragedy. I hope they had […]

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