Watching the leaves unfurl

The onset of spring happens in a tumble of blossoms and buds. It’s as if the plants can’t wait to unfurl after a New England winter of ice and snow. Today, the trees — bare just days ago — are covered with baby red leaves, glimmering in the sun. The sky and the pond melted […]

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Hunt Season is Starting without Me

Norfolk Hunt club

Today was the first day of Spring hunting. Sadly, I’m not quite ready yet. In most ways, I’m recovered. I no longer have to think about how I’m going to stand up from a chair. I can walk on all kinds of uneven ground without worrying that I’ll fall. I can hike for miles and […]

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It’s time to Muster the Minutemen

Every year on the day before Patriot’s Day, Captain William Smith rouses the Lincoln Minutemen to alert them that the British Regulars are marching on Concord. This is the night in history when Paul Revere was captured on the outskirts of Lincoln and several brave men took over his mission: to prepare the local resistance […]

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When wishes are horses

Arley meets a horse

Four-year-old Arley, has a rare form of cancer and had one wish: to meet a real horse. Thanks to the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance, a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, dedicated to providing emotional, educational, and practical needs of families facing childhood cancer and theĀ  Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Arley’s wish came true […]

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Riding as therapy

Clear my mind

It is so true. At the end of a long day, or a long week, getting on your horse can be the best kind of therapy. At least for me it’s a combination of relief and meditation; the ability to focus on the now and to clear my mind of the trials and tribulations that […]

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An Electrifying Finish?

The call them “Electric Jockeys,” riders who carry “buzzers” or “machines” that shock their horses. Patently illegal, this is a practice that has been going on for decades, used in small and prestigious races. In the video above, the jockey in question, Roman Chapa, was riding Quiet Acceleration in The $50,000 Richard King Turf Stakes. […]

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Glue on Shoes Rule

Freedom’s got a lot of great qualities. But good feet are not among them. His hoof quality is not helped by too much rain, too much mud, too little rain, ground that’s too hard . . . you name it. Back in September of 2016 I first tried glue-on Sigafoos and I’m starting to lean […]

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