How many saddles is it reasonable to own?


This post on the Chronicle of the Horse Forums caught my eye yesterday. You see, I have a small problem with saddles. In fact, I’ll have to take the fifth on answering the question because to admit how many saddles I own would require counting them, and I’ve decided I have too much stress in […]

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Why you should feed your horse on the ground

ground level feeding

For many years my horses ate from hay racks or from feed troughs or buckets mounted in their stalls. I liked it because there was less waste and everything stayed more contained — or neater. But as with many “improvements”, sometimes it’s better to go back to what nature intended. Horses were designed to eat […]

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Rumors of War Stands Tall in Times Square

Rumors of War Rachel Papo for The New York Times

This is the season for new equestrian statues in New York City. I wrote recently about the three new horse sculptures (The Horses) at then entrance to Central Park, now artist Kehinde Wiley has unveiled his largest sculpture ever, Rumors War, in Times Square. The installation is a massive three stories tall and is the […]

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When your horse won’t come in for dinner

Too much grass

Zelda and Curly are digging their new pasture. So much so that sometimes the won’t come up to the fenceline for grain! It gets me a few extra steps when I have to hike down to the bottom of the pasture (and back up again). The other main advantage to switching the pastures is that […]

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Bringing along the next generation of equestrians

Zelda and Lydia

Lydia, the daughter of Curly’s owner, Lindsay, announced about two weeks ago that she was ready to ride Zelda. I believe that Lydia is four. She loves horses and she’s completely fearless. Today she got to ride Zelda. Zelda, for all her size and attitude, loves children. Instead of the mischievous glint that she gets […]

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The glowing colors of a New England Fall

The perfect field

Late September is one of my favorite times of year. It’s still warm and the colors are shifting to brilliant reds and soft oranges and yellows. When the wind blows the acorns fall from the oak trees like summer  hail. Woe to the rider who is hit with the pitter patter of tiny weapons! Over […]

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The Joy of More Grass

The girls have done an excellent job of eating down the grass in their pasture. Freedom, not so much. So, last week we swapped them over. Who would have thought that moving across the fence could be so exciting! I’m always impressed how Freedom can float over the ground. He’s still got quite a kick […]

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