The First Bird’s Nest of the Season

Bird's Nest

Walking under a tree in the girls’ pasture, I came across the first bird’s nest of the season lying in the grass. You can see that this one is courtesy of Curly and Freedom — a nice mix of chestnut hair and white — along with some string. Zelda did not contribute! I love how the nests memorialize the horses, a natural version of horsehair jewelry, carefully woven together to provide comfort. How intricate and delicate they are, these carefully woven bowls. I’m in awe of the birds’ skill and perseverance, picking up the individual strands and creating something so perfect out of materials others would consider waste.

We usually find several of these around the barn. Horse hair is in high demand during nest building season. I’ve read the Chipping sparrows value it so much they remove it from old nests to line the new.

They should come by our pastures. We have plenty to go around.


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