A sterling Fox cuff bracelet for Foxhunters

Fox cuff bracelet

One of my favorite shops on Etsy, Tibi Collection, recently introduced a sterling fox cuff bracelet — which is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time and a perfect gift for the foxhunter in your life. Especially if it’s you. I’m a huge advocate of only wearing jewelry that comes apart while riding […]

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A cuff Bracelet for Horse Lovers

Equestrian Cuff bracelet

With plenty of time at home, surfing the Internet, I’ve been searching for an equestrian-inspired cuff bracelet — one that was fun, but didn’t break the bank. When I saw this, I could just picture it on my wrist. What do I like about it? I’ve always had a soft spot for South Western art. […]

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The First Bird’s Nest of the Season

Bird's Nest

Walking under a tree in the girls’ pasture, I came across the first bird’s nest of the season lying in the grass. You can see that this one is courtesy of Curly and Freedom — a nice mix of chestnut hair and white — along with some string. Zelda did not contribute! I love how […]

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Remembering your Horse with Horse Hair Jewelry

Since Victorian times, people have woven hair into jewelry as a way to remember their loved ones — horse hair jewelry was used as tokens of affection and as a way to remember those who passed away, although that was not it’s primary purpose From the 1600s until the late 1800s horse hair jewelry was […]

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