Driving 20-in-Hand

Driving 20-in-hand

When competitive driver, Jérôme Voutaz, had his competition season canceled, he decided to create his own challenge — driving a 20-in-hand team of Franches-Montagnes horses, not just over a few meters, but on a 20 km journey. You have to sit back and marvel at the accomplishment. The video below traces his journey through the […]

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FEI World Equestrian Games Start Tuesday

World Equestrian Games

The FEI World Equestrian Games™, held every four years in the middle of the Olympic cycle, starts on September 11th at the Tyron International Equestrian Center in Mill Spring, NC. There is something here for everyone:  All FEI disciplines are represented – Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining. Right now, […]

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Thread the Needle

Driving at the FEI level is a hair raising sport. These teams are on the razor edge of precision and speed. If the video isn’t enough to show the extreme edge of this sport, check out these photos from Cara Grimshaw Photography

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Florida Carriage Museum at Grand Oaks

On our recent trip down South, one of the highlights was visiting the Florida Carriage Museum. I’m already trying to figure out which of my horses will learn to drive this spring. I’m thinking Zelda. The Carriage Museum is located at the Grand Oaks Resort. That alone is worth a visit. The grounds are spectacular […]

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Is. This. Nasty?

Horse rights activists have posted the photo of this stall — shown in the NY Times Blog — along with the caption “This. Is. Nasty.” showcasing the living conditions of New York Carriage horses. You can see the Facebook page here. Let’s see, the stall is clean, it has rubber mats, shavings or pellets (maybe […]

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