Is. This. Nasty?

Carriage Horse Stall New York
This article appeared on a New York Times Blog after animal rights activists who want to abolish carriage rides in New York posted this photo. Click on the photo to link to the article.

Horse rights activists have posted the photo of this stall — shown in the NY Times Blog — along with the caption “This. Is. Nasty.” showcasing the living conditions of New York Carriage horses. You can see the Facebook page here.

Let’s see, the stall is clean, it has rubber mats, shavings or pellets (maybe not as much as some will use but with mats, enough to provide absorption), there is hay and presumably a water bucket. The stall allows the horse to see it’s neighbor and there are windows to allow in light and air.

Nasty? Not really. I’ve seen stalls that are worse. My only quibble would be that it looks a bit small but since the horses are out during the day, probably not an issue. In the version posted on Facebook page by Stopping NYC Horse Abuse, the photo has been cropped to make it look worse.

What do you think?

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