Horses Recognize Photos of Caregivers

Study shows horses recognize photos of caregivers

People separated from their horses during the coronavirus can take heart: a study in France shows that horses are able to recognize their caregivers by looking at a photograph of their face, even when they haven’t seen those people in six months. A 2012 study was one of the first to suggest horses are capable […]

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Feeding for Hoof Quality

Feeding for Hoof quality

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I pulled Freedom’s glue-on shoes a few weeks ago because access to my farrier will be limited until the shelter-at-home restrictions are banned. So far, the weather has been good for tender hooves (rainy) and not so great for riding. What’s important now is to give Freedom the […]

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Not Sharing

Not sharing

Zelda takes mealtimes seriously and she is definitely not sharing. She has the evil mare stare down to a science and she rules her roost with nasty looks and a raised hind leg. You see, Curly was too close (yes, that’s Curly way in the background and that’s what Zelda is reacting to. She is […]

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Free Online Course: Sickness Prevention in Horses – Spring ’20

Sickness prevention in horses

Sickness prevention in horses, a free online course is being offered by Canada’s Equine Guelph to horse owners in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The course usually costs $C85 and is available from March 21- May 31 on The course will help you reduce the odds of sickness in your horses, gaining practical knowledge […]

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Barn Closed

Has your barn closed? Many barns across the country (and worldwide) are closing to the public because of Covid-19. The influx of people is putting barn owners and barn workers at risk, not to mention other borders. For horse owners this is traumatic. In the midst of the craziness of shelter in place, cut off […]

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Turnout, Turnout, Turnout

Turnout turnout turnout

While the mantra for real estate success may be location, location, location, when it comes to horses I think the most important element of a boarding facility is turnout. Like pasta, horses need space to move around. It’s good for their joints and good for their minds. My horses are extremely lucky (IMO), as they […]

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More Calories Needed

Freedom too skinny

Last weekend we had some fabulous warm weather. I got a long over due ride and the horses enjoyed basking in the sun, rolling in the mud and not wearing their blankets. However, when I removed Freedom’s blanket, I noticed he’d gotten a bit ribby. It’s hard for him to hold his weight in the […]

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It was a dark and stormy night

Dark and stormy night

It should not be snowing, sleeting and this cold on December 2nd. But it is. The horses are warm under their blankets. Zelda was hungry and cranky when I went to feed tonight — Curly is her best friend in the world, but Zelda absolutely terrorizes her at dinner time, especially now that the last […]

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