They’re always glad to see me

Glad to see me

One of the rewarding parts about feeding the horses is they are always glad to see me. First thing in the morning, or early evening (like tonight), they greet me with nickers and whinnies. They never complain that it’s the same old grain and hay.  Each day it is equally delicious. Even Curly, who gets […]

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Here’s Mud in your Eye

Whitmore ridden by Ricardo Santana Jr.

After every muddy Kentucky Derby, one of my old posts, On a Sloppy Track, Jockeys wear up to 9 pairs of Goggles, always gets a lot of views. Obviously, on a track as muddy as yesterday’s, it’s a real challenge for jockeys to guide their horses to a good trip. I can completely understand why […]

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Treat Problems, not Possibilities


Over the last three months, I’ve performed an experiment on my horses. Not an intentional one, but one that is interesting. They got three months of rest and no supplements. Not a planned protocol, but I ran out of supplements and couldn’t leave the house to go to the barn. For Zelda, the experiment involved […]

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And it rained. And rained. And rained some more.

Rain filled feed bowl

It started to rain last night. When I fed the horses this morning it was bone chilling, with sheets of rain falling and the win blowing. Supposedly it was 38 degrees, but it felt a lot colder. I fed extra hay and felt badly when I drove off, thinking not just of the horses but […]

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One step at a time

Snazzy cane

For the last week, I’ve been feeding my horses.  This may not sound like a big deal but for me, it involves walking over uneven ground while carrying things — flakes of hay, bags of grain and either a crutch or my snazzy new cane. So far, so good. It’s great to see the horses […]

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Taking the Winter Off

When I was a kid, most horses got the winter off. Indoors were a rarity and while I can remember riding bareback on fuzzy, fat horses, no real work was done. The theory was that the mental break did them good and, as long as they kept moving, the rest helped their bodies too. These […]

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Sled? What Sled?

After a second nor’easter this week, which dropped nearly two feet of snow, who can blame Freedom for napping in the sun? Normally he’s not too thrilled with sledding nearby, but today he was so blissed out by the relative warmth that he barely even noticed the kids sledding down the hill behind him. Or […]

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