A Story of Survival

In January, I wrote about trainer Joe Herrick and his filly, Lovely Finish — both survived the Lilac Fire that swept through San Diego last December that killed 46 race horses. Both were recovering from severe burns. A few days ago, the Washington Post wrote an update story on the two, Through the Flames. Looked […]

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Snowballs in November

Winter started early this year. Normally our Thanksgiving Hunt is chilly but not snowy. This past week I already woke up to two mornings with temperatures barely into the teens. As a result, our Thanksgiving Hunt was cancelled. And we’ve had snow! Not a lot of snow, but enough so that poor Freedom, who won’t […]

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Seeing Double

Blanket of not?

There is only supposed to be one chestnut horse in the pasture. Freedom. So when two chestnut heads greeted me, my first thought was to rub my eyes. But no, it was just Dandy coming to visit. Dandy lives in the pasture next to Freedom and since Dandy’s best friend, Merlin, died over the summer […]

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Hay isn’t Breakfast

I always feed hay before grain. I like the horses to have some forage in their stomachs and hope that it will keep them from gulping their grain. Especially Curly, who is prone to choke. Freedom will have none of it. He always comes up to the gate, but stands with his back to me, […]

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Food as Medicine

Today we are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled equine programming to take a look at another species . . . one that many of you might have in your homes or barns. The house cat. But this is also tale (or should I say, tail?) that I believe can be applied […]

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rainbow over the fields

Tonight when I went to feed the horses a beautiful double rainbow hovered over the barn. I looked for the pot of gold — always a useful thing to have with horses around — but the only thing framed by the light was them. One of the things I love about taking care of the […]

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Three Young Bucks

Three young Bucks

Freedom has some deer friends that I see frequently in his field. Tonight, there were three young bucks with their small, velvet-covered antlers. Two of them settled down for a nap in the field and the third kept watch, grazing. I wonder, sometimes, when we see deer out hacking, whether they are his friends.  

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