Like a kid in a sprinkler

Like a kid in a sprinkler, Freedom loves to get spritzed with water on a hot day. Today, after taking Zelda to a Hunter Pace, I hosed her off. She doesn’t object, but she doesn’t enjoy it the way he does. I gave him a good soaking from outside the paddock. He’s the only horse I’ve owned who not only moves closer, but loves to have water sprayed in his face. Happy to oblige because I love his funny faces. I will admit that Curly and Zelda give him funny looks but he doesn’t care.

Funny faces

2 thoughts on “LIKE A KID IN A SPRINKLER

  1. Isn’t Freedom an OTTB? If so, they are always hosed down after a work. I admit, he looks like a happy kid. I bet if you took him to the ocean he’d want to swim..or roll!!

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