The Outhouse

The Outhouse

Summer temperatures are here, which means that Zelda and Curly are spending a lot more time in their run in shed. Run in hardly does it justice. The barn was built with a generous overhang and has a large matted area, more than enough space for the girls to hang out in the shade. There’s even another small run in to the side. Zelda calls that the Outhouse. One thing I learned from having her at the full service barn over the winter is she likes to keep her living area clean. She’s not a horse that poops indiscriminately in her stall and that has carried over to the run ins.

Zelda (and Curly) don’t leave manure in their living room. Zelda very carefully deposits it in the Outhouse. All in the same place, right next to the wheelbarrow and pitchfork. Her neatness makes it very easy to clean up after her!

Zelda in the “living room”. While Curly goes out on the grass no matter how hot it gets, Zelda’s happy to snack on hay in the shade.

4 thoughts on “The Outhouse

  1. Albert (my Dutch Sport Horse), spent his life at professional show barns – probably much of this time in a stall. He retired (amazingly still sound) and I was able to take possession of him. Albert now has a run-out from this stall and always goes outside to pee & poop. luv it

  2. Judging by Zelda’s “living room” photo, her topline is similar to my pony’s (Dutch Sporthorse w/a bit of sway back). Considering the panels on the Vogue are foam, a shim pad is probably needed to compensate for the “dip” and keep the saddle from “bridging”. How are you handling the situation ? (and, are you still enamored w/your HM Vogue ? )

    1. Good observation, with a complicated answer. Over the years, and probably because of my own injuries, Zelda’s topline has suffered. I think that photo makes it look worse than she actually is, but I have started doing abdominal lifts and stretches with her to strengthen her in those area. I should probably write a post about it with before/after shots to see if it works. I have also considered by a pad that would allow a central shim. Mostly I rotate my saddles so that we are not always using just one. I like my Vogue a lot but think, since it’s older, I might need to put new panels in.

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