Saddle up the Home Horse

Home Horse

When you aren’t able to ride your real horse, the Home Horse can help you get back into shape from the comfort (and safety) of your home. It’s exactly what you need when you’re recovering from an injury or can’t get to the barn for awhile, or you want to have a bit of fun […]

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3000-Year Old Horse Brasses Found in Scotland

3000-year old horse brasses

A cache of 3000-year-old horse brasses found in Scotland are giving researchers new insights into the construction of Bronze Age horse harnesses. Archaeologists were able to trace the remaining outlines of the leather straps attached to the metal rings discs and buckles, providing important information on how the harness was used and assembled. The brasses […]

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Do Protective Vests Really Work?

Charles Owen Protective Vest

After a rider dies from a rotational fall, one of the top questions is whether protective vests really work. When I first started riding after my accident, I pulled out my Charles Owen protective vest. Sometimes you want to have a little extra padding if you have an unscheduled dismount. When I started eventing, back […]

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Treat yourself to a new Helmet: It’s National Helmet Awareness Weekend

It’s that time of year again when retailers have banded together and made it easier and less expensive to keep you safer while you’re riding. Sponsored by Riders4Helmets and supported by retailers worldwide, you can save up to 30% on helmets, depending on the brand and the location. Last year I splurged and bought myself […]

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The Equine Bodywrap

Here’s an intriguing tool that can be used to encourage your horse to step under himself and engage his hind end. The “bodywrap” can be made out of two polo wraps tied together. It focuses the horse’s attention at the base of his neck and his hindquarters and suggests to the horse to engage his […]

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Spurs and Half Chaps: Under or Over?

Have you ever done something wrong for years and then realized there was an easier way? I wear half chaps and paddock boots most of the time when I ride — they are more comfortable, cooler and less expensive than my tall boots. Until I started riding Zelda, I never thought much about where the […]

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Supracor pad helps keep horses’ backs cool

When I was a kid, saddle pads were used primarily to keep your saddle clean. They were thin pieces of cloth, mostly white. Now? Saddle pads are therapeutic. They have pockets for shims to improve the fit of  saddles. They provide non-slip surfaces. They absorb shock. And they can help keep your horse’s back cool […]

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Better helmets, please!

Potential good news on the development of new helmet technologies. The designs always start with ther-than-riding helmets, but we’re already seeing some of the trickle down with the new MIPS helmet from Devonaire, the Aegis Matrix. I’m far more likely to buy a better helmet than an air vest, so am glad to see that […]

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