Better helmets, please!

Buidling a better brain bucket
Read this article on to learn about advances in helmet technology that will (hopefully) trickle down to equestrian helmets.

Potential good news on the development of new helmet technologies. The designs always start with ther-than-riding helmets, but we’re already seeing some of the trickle down with the new MIPS helmet from Devonaire, the Aegis Matrix.

I’m far more likely to buy a better helmet than an air vest, so am glad to see that there are improvements on the horizon.

Building a Better Brain Bucket appeared in the November issue of Outside Magazine. While the article addresses helmets for snow sports, it does a good job of explaining the different innovations in helmet design: aerocore, vinyl nitrate, MIPS, HIP-Tec, and Conehead.

3 thoughts on “Better helmets, please!

  1. I just looked at ski helmets as a winter riding helmet and was amazed by how much more thought and design has gone into them compared to equine helmets. For starters they have a click final fit that has been used by the construction industry for 20 years. The have better venting. A scrim layer to dissipate impact. Optional Bluetooth head phones. As far as I can tell the only innovative changes made in the equine helmet effect the outer skin or color.

    1. Yes, I think equestrian helmets have been hamstrung by the insistence of tradition. I still see people wearing the old style hunt caps because they think it looks better! I have one of the helmets that was made with the “cone head” technology that is supposed to be better at dissipating impact. They stopped making them because no one would buy them :(. They didn’t “look” right. Let’s face it, no helmet is going to be THAT attractive, but I don’t care as long as it protects my head!

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