Brimmed or Brimless: Which is Safer?

Much of the talk in the development of equine helmets centers around the rollout of MIPS technology. But there is another consideration when evaluating helmet safety: namely, should you go brimmed or brimless? In eventing, the helmet of choice is typically a jockey skull cap. This design has no built-in brim. Instead, helmet covers are […]

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My New Helmet

My new Trauma Void EQ3

Before the Helmet Awareness sale, I spent a lot of time trying to decide which helmet to splurge on. Even with a 20% discount, many of these helmets are, as we say in New England “wicked” expensive. And, as you might have read yesterday in the study from Folksam Insurance, spending more on a helmet […]

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Better helmets, please!

Potential good news on the development of new helmet technologies. The designs always start with ther-than-riding helmets, but we’re already seeing some of the trickle down with the new MIPS helmet from Devonaire, the Aegis Matrix. I’m far more likely to buy a better helmet than an air vest, so am glad to see that […]

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