My New Helmet

My new Trauma Void EQ3

Before the Helmet Awareness sale, I spent a lot of time trying to decide which helmet to splurge on. Even with a 20% discount, many of these helmets are, as we say in New England “wicked” expensive. And, as you might have read yesterday in the study from Folksam Insurance, spending more on a helmet does not necessarily mean it will work better.

MIPS technology
Although I was tempted by some of the new Charles Owen helmets, I decided to opt for a helmet with MIPS technology.

In the end, it came down to a choice between the EQ3 MIPS helmet and the Charles Owen 4Star. The CO was slightly more expensive. I chose the EQ3, not because of the extra $$. One thing my accident taught me is that I’d more than willing to spend money if it will keep me from getting hurt (or from getting hurt more badly). Two things made a difference: I didn’t want another jockey helmet and, while the jury is still out on how much MIPS can help prevent head trauma, current thinking is that it can help protect your head. My only qualm was that I know the CO helmets fit my head and I’ve always thought the company had a good reputation for quality.

I haven’t had the chance to ride in the helmet yet, but I’ve worn it around the house and so far it is quite comfortable. Interestingly, I also bought a Tipperary Sportage to have as a spare helmet. They must have changed the design since the last one I owned because it didn’t fit at all! That one’s going back to SmartPak.

I’m planning to write a full review when I’ve had the chance to wear it more.

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  1. I’m so happy that you are ahead Of me in the “buying helmt schedule” and can do all the testing and reading- thank you 🙂

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