Need another reason to wear a helmet?


This image and the story below is from Elaine Ward, who posted it to Riders4 Helmets. Back in 2010 when Courtney King-Dye was injured, many of us in Ontario Canada felt compelled to wear a helmet even though we were showing FEI Level. It was to show our support for Courtney, and it also really […]

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EQ3 Helmet Review — Two Thumbs Up

EQ3 Helmet

So, I finally got the chance to test ride my new Back on Track EQ3 helmet. My verdict? Two thumbs up. I wore the helmet for an hour and a half ride and there were no pressure points, my head stayed cool, and it didn’t move at all. What I like: Although initially I was […]

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My New Helmet

My new Trauma Void EQ3

Before the Helmet Awareness sale, I spent a lot of time trying to decide which helmet to splurge on. Even with a 20% discount, many of these helmets are, as we say in New England “wicked” expensive. And, as you might have read yesterday in the study from Folksam Insurance, spending more on a helmet […]

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It’s Time for a New Helmet

International Helmet Awareness Day

When I had my accident in January, I don’t know if I hit my head. Given how many other things broke, I decided it was time to retire my helmet, which was already a couple of years old. Since then, I’ve been wearing my Charles Owen skull cap. Honestly, I can’t remember when I bought […]

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Bringing your own Shade

Da Brim

We’ve had bright, sunny, not a cloud-in-the-sky days a lot this summer. Which cause my light-sensitive eyes to squint and my skin to feel dry and tight. So this is the year I sprung for a visor for my helmet. And I’m liking it. I might try a few other designs, but initially decided on […]

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The best weekend to buy a helmet

Thinking of buying a new helmet? This is the weekend to do it! Hundreds of retailers are offering discounts on helmets as part of International Helmet Awareness Day. The helmet brands that have committed involvement in International Helmet Awareness Day 2017 are: Caldene, Champion, Charles Owen, Gatehouse, GPA, Harry Hall Hats, International Riding Helmets (IRH), […]

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