Take Advantage of Helmet Awareness Weekend Sales

Now’s the time to buy a new helmet and take advantage of the International Helmet Awareness sales that are running this week and through the weekend. Sadly, it appears that the organization that started the initiative, Riders4Helmets, is gone. Their website is abandoned and their Facebook page hasn’t been updated in a year. So kudos […]

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Simple Saliva Test May Diagnose Concussion

A simple saliva test is being used successfully to diagnose concussions among professional rugby players in the UK. Researchers have found distinct chemical “signatures’ that correctly diagnose 96% of concussions among 1,028 male professional rugby athletes from the two top-tier leagues in England over two seasons. The results are reported in the British Journal of […]

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Brimmed or Brimless: Which is Safer?

Much of the talk in the development of equine helmets centers around the rollout of MIPS technology. But there is another consideration when evaluating helmet safety: namely, should you go brimmed or brimless? In eventing, the helmet of choice is typically a jockey skull cap. This design has no built-in brim. Instead, helmet covers are […]

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Research on equestrian helmets at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is Fully Funded

Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

It’s about time that riders have enough information to compare the safety performance of different equestrian helmets — and that’s finally going to happen now that the Virginia Tech Helmet lab has been fully funded to study equestrian helmets. More than $425,000 was raised through the collaborative efforts of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), […]

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Study shows helmets do not protect from lateral crush impact

Helmet study on side impact crush resistance

A study published in Applied Sciences suggests that current riding helmets do not prevent skull fractures in adults when crushed from the side, as may occur if a horse falls on its rider. The study team comprised Connor, Michio Clark, Pieter Brama, Matt Stewart, Aisling Ní Annaidh and Michael Gilchrist, variously affiliated with University College […]

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FEI Requires Protective Headgear for all Riders beginning in 2021

The days of the traditional top hat are numbered. Dressage riders must wear protective headgear at all times, in the show ring and out, at FEI events as of January 1, 2021. In addition, helmets are required during the marathon phase of combined driving events.  The delay in implementation is to allow time for education […]

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Treat yourself to a new Helmet: It’s National Helmet Awareness Weekend

It’s that time of year again when retailers have banded together and made it easier and less expensive to keep you safer while you’re riding. Sponsored by Riders4Helmets and supported by retailers worldwide, you can save up to 30% on helmets, depending on the brand and the location. Last year I splurged and bought myself […]

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Need another reason to wear a helmet?


This image and the story below is from Elaine Ward, who posted it to Riders4 Helmets. Back in 2010 when Courtney King-Dye was injured, many of us in Ontario Canada felt compelled to wear a helmet even though we were showing FEI Level. It was to show our support for Courtney, and it also really […]

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