Take Advantage of Helmet Awareness Weekend Sales

Now’s the time to buy a new helmet and take advantage of the International Helmet Awareness sales that are running this week and through the weekend. Sadly, it appears that the organization that started the initiative, Riders4Helmets, is gone. Their website is abandoned and their Facebook page hasn’t been updated in a year. So kudos to the helmet manufacturers and tack stores who are carrying on this important tradition. Riding with a helmet that fits and that hasn’t been compromised by a fall, is one of the best ways you can stay safe while riding.

A few of the stores that are offering deals, which are typically 15-20% off, depending on the brand.

Click on the image to see the guide.

Check out the many new MIPs helmets that are available. For a full listing of the helmets available, check out this listing. When I bought mine, only the Trauma Void was available! Now there’s a helmet for every shape of head.

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