Does this look familiar?

This made me laugh. Especially the part where he “throws a shoe.” These days I need more laughter. Three weeks into a broken ankle and my patience is wearing thin.

A Day in the Life of Breeze Featuring staring Greg Busam and little Avery Ann. Credit to Stephanie Busam and Greg Busam.

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4 thoughts on “Does this look familiar?

  1. My internet connection is dreadfully slow, But here’s a joke.
    A man goes into a petshop and sees a beautiful parrot for sale.
    “Does it talk?” he asked, and was assured that yes, the bird talked. He might be quiet for a dayor two til he gets used to you but he does talk.
    The man takes the parrot home. Two days later, he says Good morning, parrot.
    The parrot responds with several cuss words.

    “hey, no swearing!” he shouts. The parrot cuts loose with a string of filthy words.

    “No, no, no swearing! You stop that!” the man shouts. The parrot responded with a tirade of cuss words so bad the air turned blue.

    “NO!” The man shouted and furious, grabbed the parrot and threw the bird into the freezer.
    For several seconds, the parrots was screaming filthy words, and then…stoppped.

    Oh, no, I’ve killed him, The man thought. HE opened the freezer and a very cold parrot steps out onto his arm. The parrots says, “I’m so sorry, sir, I won’t cuss again.”

    “Now that’s more like it!” THe man said.

    The parrot says, “Sir? What did the turkey do?”

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