Unicorn Hair

Now if the girls doing the hobby horse competitions could just up their game a bit, I think Unicorn hair would be the way to go.


The trials of selling a horse

I haven’t sold many horses but this looks exceedingly, distressingly familiar.

The best was when someone came to try a horse I had for sale, rode her, loved her and then asked if I would let her go as a free lease. Um, no.

I know it’s hard to find a good horse to buy, but when you are looking, remember how hard it is to sell one, too!

Scary things are everywhere

Scary things
It gets dark early now. And very quickly. I took Zelda for a hack in the woods behind the barn, not quite anticipating just how dark it would get. We were alone. And there was something following us. I could hear the rustling behind us. I looked for dogs, for deer, for hikers, for the bear that is supposedly in the woods. I couldn’t spot a thing. Still, the rustling followed us all the way down the trail. It wasn’t until I turned around that I finally figure it out. Her tail was so long that it was dragging in the leaves behind us. No wonder she hadn’t been worried!



Riders get naked for charity

Hunks and Horses
Hmm, it does make me wonder why there are so many calendars full of naked equestrians . . . There are several calendars to choose among, but his one is sure to be a favorite. The Hunks & Horses Calendar is easy on the eyes and all proceeds from the calendar and related events are split equally between world horse welfare and testicular cancer research. Click on the photo or visit the calendar site at http://www.hunksandhorses.co.uk.

Supplements Made Simple | The Chronicle of the Horse

Supplements Made Easy
Do some of these supplements sound like what you’re looking for?

This is such a wonderful “take” on supplements. I had to laugh out loud.

My particular favorites are below, but Freedom could definitely use “Calm the Hell Down”.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Ideal for the overly-compliant horse who is more interested in pleasing you than saving either of your skins. BCWYAF invokes a mild sense of suspicion, and when fed regularly may result in actual survival instinct. Works best when both horse and rider are supplemented; we recommend maximum dosage for amateur riders.

Is your equine partner too smart for his own good? Does he open gates, untie knots and calculate how to lose shoes only when the farrier is out of town? Do you swear he can log into your calendar app to see your show schedule so he knows when to go lame? Does he just seem to know what you’re thinking before you know it yourself? He needs Dumb-down. Like a liquid lobotomy, Dumb-down’s exclusive, neuro-transmitter destroying formula works to synergistically suppress higher-level thought processes. Let Dumb-down put YOU back at the top of the evolutionary chart. Mildly hallucinogenic for a long-lasting, pleasantly disorienting effect.

Supplements Made Simple | The Chronicle of the Horse.