New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Zelda and I had a chat today about our New Year’s resolutions for 2023. I have some for her, she had some for me and we shared a few. .What are your resolutions for you and your horse?

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Zelda’s Funny Faces

Zelda's Funny Faces

Most of the time, Zelda is a perfect model of the noble steed. Her coat is gleaming, her expression is bright, her ears are pricked forward. But Zelda also has a goofy side. Usually after a ride, or when I’m giving her a massage or a laser treatment, she makes the silliest faces. You have […]

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Does this look familiar?

This made me laugh. Especially the part where he “throws a shoe.” These days I need more laughter. Three weeks into a broken ankle and my patience is wearing thin. Send funny things my way — please!

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Fun Face Masks for Equestrians

Face masks for equestrians

If we all have to wear masks for the foreseeable future, how about injecting some humor with fun face masks for equestrians. These clever reusable, cloth masks are from the “Horse Lovers” at Imagine walking into your local grocery store wearing one of these! Even better, the masks are on sale right now for […]

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The places hay gets into

Feeding hay

As I sit here digging hay dust out of my iPhone charging port, I contemplated all the places where hay has infiltrated my daily life: down my shirt, inside my bra, in my shoes, in my car, the pockets of my jackets. Come to think of it, there are very few places where there isn’t any […]

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When You Take your Horse’s Meds


“The Burning Man people took all our ketamine, so we’ll have to settle for this herbal crap.” Okay, I’ve never had any interest in ketamine. The most I will cop to is using Sore No More on my aching muscles. I have also repurposed the doxy I got for my horse for one of my […]

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When your horse is too short

My first horse, Bogie, was only about 15.3. At the withers. On a good day, when he hadn’t been shod for awhile. I used to joke that I needed roller skates to ride him, because I’m nearly 6′ tall and have long legs. This fellow has me beat. During the time I had Bogie, I […]

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