When your horse is too short

My first horse, Bogie, was only about 15.3. At the withers. On a good day, when he hadn’t been shod for awhile. I used to joke that I needed roller skates to ride him, because I’m nearly 6′ tall and have long legs. This fellow has me beat. During the time I had Bogie, I […]

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Who Begged Best?

Curly Begging

It’s candy cane time. Three horses. Who begged best? Just as well that I had three candy canes.  

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How Smart is Your Horse

Who says that horses can’t use tools? I can definitely see Zelda figuring out how to get that alfalfa cube. She’ll turn herself inside out for one of them. And she’s a thinker. While most horse are reactive, she’s the kind of horse that will analyze a situation and come up with a solution. Of […]

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Happy, Horsey Halloween

Halloween Horse

Here are the costumes that I’d include in my fantasy Halloween Parade. People are so imaginative and I can’t believe that some of the horses put up with these costumes.

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In anticipation of Halloween

Dinasaur riding horse

Now, that is a bullet proof horse. I can’t imagine what Freedom would do if I approached him wearing a costume like that. When I showed up at the barn with crutches it took him at least 10 minutes to decide it was safe to approach! Even Zelda, who might wonder if any part of […]

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Follow Zelda on Instagram

Zelda the Magnificent

Zelda has always been a big horse with an even bigger personality. Lately, she’s been telling me that the World deserves to hear her point of view. So I gave her an Instagram feed. Of course, she named it Zelda the Magnificent, because she is, indeed magnificent. Zelda invites other horses (and their humans) to […]

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