New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Zelda and I had a chat today about our New Year’s resolutions for 2023. I have some for her, she had some for me and we shared a few.

  1. Get in shape: This one is for both of us. Give my predilection for breaking bones, Zelda has had more time off than she’s been in work. Now, she’s not complaining, mind you, but she’s lost muscle tone and gotten a trifle, well, round. She looks at me and says the same. So we’re both going to get to work and fitter. Fewer treats and more strength training and cardio.
  2. No More Broken Bones. This one’s for me. I’ve missed far too much riding and far too many hunts. Not to mention it’s hard to take care of Zelda and she vastly prefers to
  3. No bullying. This one’s for Zelda. She needs to lay off Curly and remember Curly is her best friend. Zelda tells me that she keeps Curly moving to keep her in shape, but I have pointed out that Curly always does what she’s asked to do.
  4. Learn something new. Right now I’m planning to take Tai Chi and Zelda is learning to long line. We had a lesson yesterday and once Zelda had her obligatory hissy fit (some squealing , a few bucks and the threat of a rear), she picked it up pretty quickly.
  5. Stop Biting. This one’s for Zelda. She needs to stop biting Curly, no matter how close Curly gets to her grain or hay.
  6. Have More Fun. This goes back to Resolution #2 (No More Broken Bones). Even if we don’t
    get to hunt, we are going to have more fun rides. Zelda asks that they not be too strenuous unless we are hunting. She has so much fun hunting she doesn’t think about being tired.

.What are your resolutions for you and your horse?

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