The places hay gets into

Feeding hay

As I sit here digging hay dust out of my iPhone charging port, I contemplated all the places where hay has infiltrated my daily life: down my shirt, inside my bra, in my shoes, in my car, the pockets of my jackets. Come to think of it, there are very few places where thereĀ isn’t any hay.

I suppose it’s one of those facts of life. Hay is everywhere. I just try to remember how happy it makes the horses when I show up with an armful of hay. And think about how much that hay costs so that I appreciate the itching sensation more.

Where is the most annoying place where you find hay?

3 thoughts on “The places hay gets into

  1. When I was a kid working at my neighbor’s QH breeding farm, I made the mistake, once, of helping shift hay bales up in the mow while clad in shorts and a t shirt.
    So I got hay in my underpants…OH ITCH.

  2. All over the house! Our stables are attached to the house, which is great in winter, but all the hay seems to be migrating inside somehow. Luckily the ponies are outside 24/7 now the weather is still good, so not too bad at the moment.

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