Getting Back in the Saddle

Six months after a serious head injury sustained in a fall from Cooley Rorkes Drift at Tattersalls CIC3*, Olympic rider Jonty Evans made it back into the saddle. Okay, the saddle was on a simulator, but to me this looks like an excellent (and safe way) to regain his strength and coordination. I wouldn’t mind […]

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A Very Tired Horse

Zelda yawning

Zelda was tuckered out after our ride yesterday. So was I. Although I’ve been riding regularly, I haven’t been out for a two hour ride for way too long. A few friends came over to join us on the trails and we had a great time gallivanting. The only downside is that it was too […]

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A New Relationship with Fear

Your Biggest Fear

Since my accident my relationship with fear has changed. It’s become tactile and dimensional, I can taste it and feel the coils of uncertainty sometimes tighter, sometimes looser. At its worst, my breathing gets shallow and my body tenses. Fear has boundaries. It lets me go just so far, and not a step further. I […]

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It’s Time for a New Helmet

International Helmet Awareness Day

When I had my accident in January, I don’t know if I hit my head. Given how many other things broke, I decided it was time to retire my helmet, which was already a couple of years old. Since then, I’ve been wearing my Charles Owen skull cap. Honestly, I can’t remember when I bought […]

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SafeStyle Stirrups Review

SafeStyle Stirrup

Recently I posted a review of the Acavallo Arena Stirrups, my first foray into modern safety stirrups. The second brand that opted to try are the SafeStyle Stirrups. The SafeStyle stirrups are manufactured in the Netherlands and are a smaller, family-owned business, quite different from a company like Acavallo. There’s a lot to like about […]

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Recovery Update

Lots of people have asked how my recovery is going. It’s been six months since the accident (kind of hard to believe) and three months since I first got back on a horse. These days I’m walking without a cane — in fact, not even limping. I can walk up the slight ramp in the […]

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