The Wrong Kind of Boot

Major Bummer

Little did I know when I rode in the Hunter Pace that it would be my last long ride for some time. Last week, when walking down a hill in the rain to check on the horses I slipped on the grass and fell. I knew it was bad. There was a popping, which didn’t sound good, and then I was lying in the mud wondering if I could get up. Adrenalin is a powerful force. I stood, got back up the hill, fed the horses and drove home.

I didn’t look at my ankle for a while. Just as well, as it was very swollen. At first, I hoped it was a bad sprain. Even the doctor thought that might be the case as the x-ray could have shown the remains of my last break.

Sadly, a CT scan showed it was, indeed, another fracture. In the same ankle I broke two and a half years ago. The ankle has been weaker since my recovery, so I think it was predisposed to injury.

Now the only boot I’m going to be wearing for the next eight weeks is an air boot. Better than a cast, but not nearly so much fun as my Tredsteps. The good news is that while there are two small fractures, they are not displaced and provided I don’t do something stupid (do you think the doctor suspected I might try to get on my horse), I will not require surgery and should be back to weight bearing in another month, and riding again in 8-10 weeks.

Looking at the x-rays of my ankle, the doctor commented that I had some arthritis in that ankle, but that “we treat the patient, not the x-rays.” I felt like I was in the middle of a pre-purchase exam and was about to fail!

The only riding I’ve been doing is on “Big Blue.”

There’s no “good” time to break your ankle, but fall in New England is a terrible time to be laid up. After waiting all summer for the heat, humidity and bugs to go away, we are enjoying lovely weather that is perfect for riding. You would be correct to say that I am feeling might sorry for myself right now.

Zelda doesn’t mind. She’s enjoying the time off by chasing Curly around. Freedom looks concerned, but I think it’s mostly because he’s afraid of my crutches and my knee scooter.

I had been gearing up for hunt season. I had a new bridle for Zelda and had a saddle delivered right after I broke my ankle — on trial for 10 days. Think I’m going to need a little bit longer for that. I guess I’ll have to make due with heading out with my camera and my scooter, taking photos and counting down the days until I can ride again.

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  1. I’ll second Virtual Brush Box’s reply. Experiencing injury and missing out on anticipated adventures is no fun at all. Big Blue looks good, but he’s no substitute for a horse, right? Here’s to a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

    1. Last night we picked up a Zinger electric wheelchair. I’m hoping that it at least gets me out to some of the hunts to take photos. Unfortunately, I know that the quickest way to recovery is to do what the doctor says.

  2. Oh no no no … I’m sending good vibes for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!

    When I broke my femur (looooong ago), I took my crutches on my scooter (tiny motorbike) and drove to the stable. With the firm intention of not riding, but still getting my horse fix. Well … ahem. We found ways. Very very stupid of me, but what the hell, I was 17 😉

  3. Your comment made me laugh! I got a message from a saddle fitter I know today that said, “As someone who repairs a lot of flap damage from braces, please DO NOT ride in a cast or brace. Horse people are crazy! They **always** get back in the saddle weeks/months before they’re supposed to after an injury, often making it worse in the long run.”

    Absolutely true.

  4. Oh, no, this is NOT good news. I am very familiar with what we used to call the “Robo Cop boot” as I”ve had several surgeries on one of my feet. They’re bulky…they do the job but don’t use it in the rain, unless you put a big plastic bag around it first. And be careful on your knee cart. The first one I got was a tricycle type, like yours, and it threw me several times. They’re not very stable. Now I have a four wheeler that is far more stable.

    Sigh. it’s such a PITA to have an injury like that. DO let it heal, I know, you’ll have cabin (or saddle?) fever in a week of being laid up, but you have to allow TOT to work. (Tincture of Time). Don’t ask me how I know this, just realize that I’m the world’s most impatient patient. I have to remind myself that I’m 67 now, not 7, when my bones were rubber and I healed over night.
    Here’s a hug ( ) and wishes for a speedy recovery.

    1. I am NOT good at staying in the house but I have a fantastic electric wheelchair called a Zinger, which we took out today to the rail trail. It does fantastic on the paved surface and I had a grand time zooming along. Tomorrow I’m taking it to watch polo. I did worry about the stability of the scooters and mostly use it in the house as It’s quicker and easier than crutches.

  5. Uggh. Crutches. I hate them, but they do have their uses. What annoys me is so many techs have no idea how to adjust a crutch to the person using them. Did your doctor give you a temporary Disabled Pass for your car/truck? Those parking places help a LOT. I’m one of those people…if I see someone parking in a disabled parking place, and they’re not showing a hanger or a plate, I GLARE at them. Yes, I know. Not all disabilities are visible, and I only use mine after surgeries.

    1. I definitely need a temporary handicapped sticker. With the wheelchair I can get around pretty well, but there are places where I have to use the crutches. That’s when I need to get super close

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