Gucci Launches Equestrian Themed Handbag

Equestrian themed handbag

When I first saw this equestrian themed handbag, I thought it was a joke. Especially when I saw the price. $4,000 to carry a facsimile of an equestrian helmet? I doubt it’s even ASTM certified.

I do like the details. The strap looks like a chin strap and the buckles look like equestrian hardware.

Perhaps, maybe I should start carrying one of my old helmets around. I could add a nice drawstring liner, use some reins to make it a cross body, and either be the height of fashion or a laughing stock. I guess it all depends on the context. I can see doing this for a school project, where you’re asked to turn an every day item into an item of apparel. I need to look more carefully at my tackroom to see if there’s anything else that can be transformed into haute couture.

For those who don’t want to go with black leather, Gucci also offers an equestrian helmet . . . oops, I mean handbag, in their iconic print.

One thought on “Gucci Launches Equestrian Themed Handbag

  1. Oh, jeez. talk about straining incredulity. What IS it with these ‘designers’. Oh, I know. Not enough people buying their crapola, so they search for some subset of people who still are. The thing is, as you note, every barn in the country has a half a dozen ownerless helmets. One can easily take one and repurpose it by putting in a nice bag-heck, if you really want to spend the money, buy a bottle of Crown Royal and insert that beautiful royal purple velvet bag and bingo, you’re stylish without dropping $4k. Did they note that the upside down helmet doesn’t rest level? You either carry if forever, or it rests on it’s side, spilling the contents. But I doubt very much if the ‘designer’ can even identify a horse, never mind ride one.
    Honestly, I find this sort of thing shameless, obviously condescending greed. Just greed. You’re buying the name. Thanks, but if I want to spend $4000, I’ll buy something useful. Like a HORSE.

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