Protect yourself in style: Free Face Masks from Hunt Seat Paper Company

Free Face Masks from the Hunt Seat Paper Company

Stuff that bandana back in your pocket — the Hunt Seat Paper Company is offering FREE, stylish equestrian face masks with every order over $50. Now you can be both safe and stylish. Let everyone know you are an equestrian and wear yours with pride. Offer good while supplies last, so get your order in […]

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Do Protective Vests Really Work?

Charles Owen Protective Vest

After a rider dies from a rotational fall, one of the top questions is whether protective vests really work. When I first started riding after my accident, I pulled out my Charles Owen protective vest. Sometimes you want to have a little extra padding if you have an unscheduled dismount. When I started eventing, back […]

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Don’t Cut My Boots Off

I no longer wear boots without zippers. The turning point for me was when my I put on my fancy new Koenigs and broke my boot jack trying to get the left one off. There I was, my calf throbbing, my boot stuck, and my husband on a business trip. I seriously considered cutting them […]

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Bringing your own Shade

Da Brim

We’ve had bright, sunny, not a cloud-in-the-sky days a lot this summer. Which cause my light-sensitive eyes to squint and my skin to feel dry and tight. So this is the year I sprung for a visor for my helmet. And I’m liking it. I might try a few other designs, but initially decided on […]

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Helmet Haiku

What a fun way to increase awareness of the importance of helmets! I’m not a poet, but here’s my haiku. And yes, I wear a helmet every time I ride. Flying through the air I have time to celebrate My helmet wisdom.

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Another reason to wear a helmet

I am always glad to see barrel racers wearing helmets. This video was posted on the Troxel helmet site. The woman in the video was fine, thanks to her helmet, even though the horse connected with her head when it was struggling to get up. No, wearing a helmet won’t keep you safe from every […]

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A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective on Traumatic Brain Injury

This webinar should be required for all equestrians. Yes, it’s an hour. But it contains very important information about your brain. Dr. Lola Chambless is Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and an avid equestrian who had competed up to the CCI** level. Listen to what she has to say.  

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DIY Brimmed Helmet — “HellHats”

While not technically a visor for an equestrian helmet, here’s a very clever way to dress up your hard hat and get some shade at the same time. All you need is your helmet, a straw hat, tape (and decorations) and your imagination. If you are on Facebook, you can find the directions along with […]

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