Bringing your own Shade

Da Brim

We’ve had bright, sunny, not a cloud-in-the-sky days a lot this summer. Which cause my light-sensitive eyes to squint and my skin to feel dry and tight.

Da Brim
I don’t notice that I’m using a brim except that I no longer have to squint.

So this is the year I sprung for a visor for my helmet. And I’m liking it. I might try a few other designs, but initially decided on “Da Brim Rezzo Helmet Visor”.  Last year I wrote about several options but at the time I didn’t want a full hat (not that I’m going to be galloping full tilt this summer, but the Flying Nun reference stuck with me).  The Rezzo visor is rated up to 35 mph (something to aspire to) and I could order it in a smaller brim size — enough to give me shade but not enough to get in the way.

So far, I like it. I get enough shade to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face. It fit easily on my helmet. And it shades my face without obstructing my view. It comes in a number of primary colors that are cheerful and offers UPF50 sun protection. I haven’t put it through any extreme riding, but it stays put and the only thing I notice about it is that I’m no longer squinting. just wrote a review of the Equivisor. One of the advantages that product offers is that you can wear it as a regular visor, but since I leave mine secured to my helmet, that might not make a difference to me. I know that if I took it home, I’d forget to bring it back.

I still like the idea of the “Hellhats” which give your DYI imagining free rein. As soon as I have some free time . . .

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