Horse Shoe Wreaths

Judging by the number of views on my post Horse Wreaths for the Holidays, there is a real demand for horse-themed decorations. For those of you not handy with chicken wire, styrofoam and balsa, here are some designs that you can buy or make from horse shoes. Most of us have just a few of these lying around.

This horse shoe wreath with rope is available from Patty's Workshop for $25.
This horse shoe wreath with rope is available from Patty’s Workshop for $25.
Western horse shoe wreath
This western inspired wreath is available from Kathy’s Painted Toys for $35.
Rustic wreath from Peridot Window
This rustic wreath is available from Etsy seller the Peridot Window for $100.
mini horse shoe wreath
Horse shoe wreath with mini horse shoes from Etsy seller Desert Flat Farm for $40.

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  1. I just would like to see if I could make one for my daughter in law, she saw one on FB and immediately sent to me , she said I want one of these, can you make me one?? I just would like to know how to get started .. Thanks for your help!!

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