Upper Paleolithic Foal Recovered from Siberia

Paleothic Foal Recovered from Siberia

How cool is this? Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University, and Kindai University in Japan discovered a dark brown, three month old foal buried during the Ice age in an area called the Batagai depression in Siberia. This is the first time a pre-historic horse this young has been found intact and with such an […]

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Have you met the German Riding Instructor?

The German Riding Instructor

Ronny Reimer, aka the German Riding Instructor, is bringing his own brand of humor poking fun at the hunter/jumper circuit in the U.S., one video at a time. Reimer, who runs RCR Equestrian, can be followed on Facebook as his alter ego. Or at RCR Equestrian. Here are two that had me laughing out loud. […]

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Sled? What Sled?

After a second nor’easter this week, which dropped nearly two feet of snow, who can blame Freedom for napping in the sun? Normally he’s not too thrilled with sledding nearby, but today he was so blissed out by the relative warmth that he barely even noticed the kids sledding down the hill behind him. Or […]

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Another Geoffrey Adventure


One of the things that brightens my non-riding days is . . . watching other people having fun riding horses. Yes, that seems masochistic, even to me, but I’ve been watching the Longines Jumper Series (broadcast live over YouTube by the HorseNetwork) religiously, gasping at the height of some of the jumps. And, I’ve been […]

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Rules for dating an Equestrian

Copied from Facebook. Many nuggets of truth here! Rules for dating/marrying an equestrian: They WILL have layers of clothes and muddy boots….either provide a place for them to drop these things or don’t whine about the mess. Expensive tack is still cheaper than the horse and human medical bills that can result from cheap tack. […]

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If your Horse was Human, what Would his Job Be?

There’s a post on Facebook that I’ve been following all week. I just love the professions that people have come up with for their horses . . . It really highlights the fact that horses have real and distinct personalities. Here a few of the posts that made me laugh Trophy Wife Personal Trainer & […]

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All I want for Christmas is a Motor Pony

OMG, these Motor poniesĀ  look like a hoot. They are just one of the stable of motorized “stock” from from Rodeo Zone Tech, the brainchild of rodeo contestant/owner/inventor Jim Donnelly. While the bulls and broncs are used to train rodeo athletes, those cute little motorized ponies are just good fun. Take him on a trail […]

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