My childhood barn

FAO Schwartz

This photo was posted on Facebook recently, by someone selling this vintage toy barn. I can vividly remember the Christmas where this fabulous barn from the toystore F.A.O. Schwartz was under the tree. Oh, the hours of entertainment this provided! I don’t know how many kids these days lie on the floor and create riding lessons and horse shows, but this activity took upĀ  a lot of my time. Of course, that was before the advent of computer and video games. Now I’m wondering what happened to mine . . . I gave my Breyer horse collection away when I was in my teens (something I’ve since regretted), but I would never have parted with my fancy barn.


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  1. I’m 65 and still have every Breyer horse I was given or purchased. In fact my husband gives me a pony every Christmas…one of their small ones. I have no idea what to do with them once I die…I can’t accept them being thrown away, so..if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Right now I’ve got it in my will that they go to a homeless shelter that takes in children, and if any horse crazy kid wants one, she (or he) can keep it.

    1. That’s a wonderful legacy that would bring joy to some very deserving children. I gave my Breyer collection to the daughter of one of my mother’s friends. When my own daughter outgrew her interest in the few we had at home, they went to the children of one of my friends, where they are cuddled and played with almost continuously.

  2. It’s tempting. I need to ask my aunt if my original “farm” is still at my grandparents’ house. But the bigger issue is space. I have so much stuff, I’m not sure that it isn’t enough just to have the picture.

  3. Ah, I understand. I have “Stuph”, too, and am slowly trying to pare it down some. Trouble is I have a husband who …well, you know how it goes. Soon as I offload a couple bags of stuph at Goodwill, the darned things creep back in the guise of something else.

  4. Hello
    I own a vintage toy stable exactly like yours
    I am 69 years old and have aquired a huge collection of Britains horses over the years starting back in the 1960s
    I am so glad that I was able keep hold of them even after moving to Europe from Canada 30 years ago
    Of course I am a devoted horse lover and also have real live ones too

    1. Victoria Hutka-Turner. I have a FAO Schwartz 1950s stable also. Is that the one you have? Do you know how much that is worth?

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