Another generation of Munnings

Munnings Art

Beth MunningsAfter featuring the paintings of Alfred Munnings earlier in the week, imagine my suprise when my Facebook feed served up another variation on Munnings. Beth Munnings, who is descened from Sir Alfred’s uncle, Benjamin, has carried on with the family tradition of following the hounds and painting.

HoundsWhile she has some lovely paintings on her website, depicting traditional hunting scenes, what caught my eye was her “anthro-fox” paintings, which she has turned into signed prints and cards, although some original paintings are also still available. They are deliciously clever and very well done.

Here’s a selection of them. If you are interested, you can reach Beth through her website or her Facebook page (Munnings Art).

Stir Up Cup
“Stir Up Cup”
Fox Trot
“Fox Trot”
Reversal of Fortunes
“Reversal of Fortunes”
Foxy Devil
 “Foxy Devil”

Which is your favorite?

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