Another generation of Munnings

Munnings Art

After featuring the paintings of Alfred Munnings earlier in the week, imagine my suprise when my Facebook feed served up another variation on Munnings. Beth Munnings, who is descened from Sir Alfred’s uncle, Benjamin, has carried on with the family tradition of following the hounds and painting. While she has some lovely paintings on her […]

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I’m just glad to have a glass

I'm just glad to have a glass

The past few months have been filled with stress. Not just because of my own recovery, which is going well, but because my parents have had health issues. Some days there is so much to worry about that it pushes all the oxygen out of the room. Then I find time to slip away and […]

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Look How Far We’ve Come

We have a long way to go

Riding, like life, is a journey. No matter how much we do, there’s still so much more to learn. But one of the most rewarding parts of working together with your horse is realizing how far you’ve come as a team. The partnership, the small steps forward that come from patience, hard work and practice. […]

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Adrian Landon’s Mechanical Horse Stuns

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time! According to his website, he writes: Almost two years in the making, the Mechanical Horse was single-handedly designed, machined and sculpted by me, at home and in my metal shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Over 100 bearings, custom laser-cut sprockets, 30 feet […]

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Making a glass horse

This glass artist makes it look so easy! Of course, it took many years of practice before he could make a horse in a couple of minutes.

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The White Horse

This is another hand-tinted photo but when it came to me it was quite faded. After all, it is more than 100 years old. When I start with a vintage postcard, the first thing I do is make a high resolution scan of the card. Then if it’s faded, I try to restore it to […]

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Out Foxed

What a great gift for your favorite Foxhunter! Too bad it’s more expensive than most of my horses, but it really is fabulous. Visit the Etsy Shop where this is sold.

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