Hermès Christmas origami Horse

Hermès Christmas Origami Horse
Unfortunately, Hermès does not sell the paper to make an authentic horse, but they’d look pretty cute with patterned origami paper.

Hermès has posted a charming animation showing how to create a Christmas origami horse, based on their window displays from 2012. While technically not origami (it requires the use of scissors, which makes them kirigami), it’s cute and easy. Might even make a good ornament or as a replacement for a gift bow. Hermès suggests spraying the folded horses with a spritz of your favorite perfume.

I will admit that I searched out some other origami horse patterns. Let’s just say I need to put aside an hour or two over the holidays to see if they can be made by mere mortals before I post them here.

The video cannot be embedded, so please click on the image to be taken to the animation.
Hermès Christmas Origami Horse
Happy folding!

3 thoughts on “Hermès Christmas origami Horse

  1. This blog post caught my eye. I had been thinking of writing a “horse origami” post for my own blog after seeing some fun you tube videos on the subject. But so far the skill required to complete the task has eluded me. Hopefully you will find more success than I did!

    1. That is the problem! Most of the horse designs require a level of skill and precision that eludes me. I’ve mastered a dollar-bill origami elephant, so am going to give some of the other designs a try over the holidays.

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