Running or standing martingale: which to use?

Running or Standing martingale: which to use?

The decision over whether to use a running or standing martingale depends on what you want to accomplish and, so a certain extent, your discipline. If you are a show hunter, there’s not really a choice. Standing martingales are standard operating equipment, even on horses that don’t actually need them. In competitions, the standing martingale […]

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Donald Duck & Goofy go Foxhunting

Donald Duck & Goofy go foxhunting

I’ve never seen this Donald Duck and Goofy cartoon on foxhunting before. I had to share, because with the coronavirus dominating the news right now, we could all use a little humor in our lives!

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All I want for Christmas . . .

Fox in the Snow

The Chronicle of the Horse republished this classic Cookie McClung column recently. I’ve copied it here. How amazing to give someone the gift of an experience-of-a-lifetime. Every time the Chronicle reposts one of her columns, I remember I loved her writing more than anything else in the magazine while I was growing up. For those […]

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Another generation of Munnings

Munnings Art

After featuring the paintings of Alfred Munnings earlier in the week, imagine my suprise when my Facebook feed served up another variation on Munnings. Beth Munnings, who is descened from Sir Alfred’s uncle, Benjamin, has carried on with the family tradition of following the hounds and painting. While she has some lovely paintings on her […]

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Getting your Mojo back


I’m recovered enough from my accident that I no longer thing about my injuries. There are a few things my ankle or my shoulder object to doing, but mostly I feel pretty good. Harder than recovering from the physical issues has been dealing with the residual anxiety. I have a pretty active imagination, and a […]

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It’s a Grand View

View out onto the river

The water beyond Zelda’s ears is Fairhaven Bay, which is close to Walden Pond. We hunted there today and this was at the check, where we all took a nice break in the coolness of the shade.  

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A hunting we shall go!

Zelda before the Hunt

This morning, when I walked into my kitchen there was a fox in my backyard. A pretty healthy adult, who wandered around, hunting chipmonks. I figured it was an omen. I’ve been looking for the right day to hunt since last fall — it had to be not too cold, not too muddy, not too […]

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Hunt Season is Starting without Me

Norfolk Hunt club

Today was the first day of Spring hunting. Sadly, I’m not quite ready yet. In most ways, I’m recovered. I no longer have to think about how I’m going to stand up from a chair. I can walk on all kinds of uneven ground without worrying that I’ll fall. I can hike for miles and […]

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