My childhood barn

FAO Schwartz

This photo was posted on Facebook recently, by someone selling this vintage toy barn. I can vividly remember the Christmas where this fabulous barn from the toystore F.A.O. Schwartz was under the tree. Oh, the hours of entertainment this provided! I don’t know how many kids these days lie on the floor and create riding […]

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The Gateway Drug to Horse Addiction

Breyer horses

When I was a kid, living in New York City and dreaming of my own pony, I lived for Breyer model horses. There were two or three stores that I frequented, my nose literally pressed up against the display cases imaging which horse or pony would be added to my herd. The purchasing process was […]

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Do you have a model horse collection?

I read recently about a woman in England who has a massive collection of My Little Pony figurines — more than 1,000 and counting! Her collection is so extensive that she has a “pony room” dedicated to them. Although she had collected them as a child, she had donated her collection to a charity shop […]

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Always wear your helmet when you jump!

This made me chuckle. Not just because I used to make my Breyer horses jump, but because I love the PSA. You should always “where” (sic) your helmet, even in Breyer land! Rotational falls can happen there, too. The question is, would a frangible pin have helped?!

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