Do you have a model horse collection?

My Little Pony CollectionI read recently about a woman in England who has a massive collection of My Little Pony figurines — more than 1,000 and counting! Her collection is so extensive that she has a “pony room” dedicated to them.

Although she had collected them as a child, she had donated her collection to a charity shop as a teen . . . only to discover she missed them. She started buying them again and now has vastly outstripped her original collection. She says she finds her pony room comforting because it reminds her of her childhood.

When I was growing up, I collected Breyer horses. Not on this scale, but I had a collection of maybe 20 horses. I can still remember the pleasure of picking out the next horse that I wanted to buy and then saving my allowance for weeks, dreaming of my next horse. There were stores that I would go to just to look at the different horses and weigh my options. Since it took me awhile to have enough money to buy one, each choice had to made oh-so-carefully.

When I was a teen I gave my collection of Breyer horses away to the horse-crazy younger sister of a friend. Although I never missed my horses, when my daughter showed a brief glimmer of interest in those model horses, I felt a twinge of nostalgia as we picked her first few out. Sadly, her interest in model horses was brief — a few My Little Ponies and a few Breyers and her interest flagged. They are still in boxes in the basement bu they probably need to find a new child to treasure them.

How about you? Did you collect model horses? And do you still have them?

7 thoughts on “Do you have a model horse collection?

  1. I still collect horse books of all sorts (apparently saddle pads and winter blankets too). I have all my old posters from my childhood bedroom and I love my Breyer horses…

  2. I used to collect Breyers, MLPs, anything that had to do with horses, really. Since getting my own my collection shifted to useful things that the real horses could use… I’ve slowly started selling off or giving away the collectibles, because I have limited space and would rather see them go to someone who can appreciate them the way I used to!

    (Books, I still definitely have a weakness for, particularly the old horsemanship books…)

  3. I still have my Breyer horses from years ago — from before they had replicas of well-known horses and so many different breeds. I had families and built them little stables with cardboard boxes (and jumping courses!).

  4. I still have my childhood MLPs and Breyers, but they are boxed away. My mom and I go to Breyerfest every year as a mother daughter trip. We started 5yrs ago. I was 25. Lol. We don’t buy many but what we do is displayed.

  5. My brothers, sister and I have been receiving ornaments of our own special interests for years, ever since I can remember actually. I have probably 20 or 30 horse ornaments ranging from toy horses to rocking horses. It’s a collection I can enjoy at any age so I would recommend jumping on the horse ornament band wagon!

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of My Little Ponies that lady has.

    You ask a good question. I was a horse crazy girl, but didn’t collect model horses then. Instead, I pinned up lots of pictures of horses around my room and wrote to breed organizations for free pictures and information.

    Now, as a 50+ woman, I’ve started a small collection of Breyer horses. I have 5. You’re never too old to be a horse crazy girl.

  7. I’ve loved horses since I was little, and despite me now living my dream and taking riding lessons every week, I still collect Schleich horses. In a few years I want to get my own pony or horse, and when I do, all my money will go to that.

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