A newly clipped horse is like a Steiff stuffed toy

Steiff pony
I had this Steiff pony when I was a kid. It had short, soft "hair" that made you want to touch it.

When I was a kid I loved the Steiff stuffed animals. They were soft in a way that made you want to touch them.

Freedom’s newly clipped coat has that same soft, velvety feeling.

I body clipped him last week (after doing the trace clip) and I’ve given him a few massages since. He’s eminently touchable right now although also quite ticklish.

Freedom body clipped
Freedom has that lovely velvety coat right now -- I just keep running my hands over it!

My only regret is that my clipper blades started to dull and rather than drive home to get my sharp ones, I finished the job — so part of him looks a bit scraggly. I might have to touch him up this week.

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