Which horse would you ride?

Freedom covered in mud

At this time of year, and especially this spring, you never know quite how dirty your horse will be. We’ve had rain, rain and more rain. As a result, our paddocks are incredibly muddy. I think the horses must draw straws to see who gets ridden on a given day, with at least one being […]

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It’s Shedding Season

Most people might call this season Spring. If you have a horse, you know it as shedding season. The time of the year when you are always covered with errant horse hairs. It’s worse than hay, and that’s saying something! Poor Curly. As a Bashkir Curly horse she has more hair than Zelda and Freedom […]

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Zaftig Zelda

Girth is too small

Like many of us, after the long winter, Zelda needs to get to work on her beach bod. She’s come out of the winter a little, well, zaftig. For those of you who have never heard this expression, zaftig is a yiddish word that describes a woman who has a full, rounded figure; pleasingly plump. […]

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Yak to Horse Transition

Zelda and clippers

Zelda is hairy. Honestly, I probably didn’t need to blanket her this winter. She has started to bear a distinct resemblance to a Yak. Or an old man. Between the mud and her whiskers, she definitely needed a beauty boost. Perhaps she remembers growing up in the wilds of Canada and scoffs at the New […]

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It’s body clipping time – here are some tips!

Coming in from my ride last night with a damp horse and dropping temperatures, I was thinking that this week is when they get clipped. How convenient for this video to show up in my Facebook feed, just in time for some tips! Will need to try clipping Freedom and Zelda simultaneously . . .

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